Delivery Information

While placing the orders, many users have different kind of questions in their minds regarding the delivery here we will answer all the questions and will let you all know about our smooth shipment procedure
How do you ship your orders?
This is the question that everyone has in their mind while they shop for the first time on any website. Well, if there is bulk purchasing or light purchasing we make sure that the products reach the destination at the given time. No matter how we send it whether its by air, or by surface we make sure the product reaches the client’s destination at a given time with the same packing as it was sent. Most of the orders are sent through DTDC couriers, however we also deal with Blue Dart and other couriers too.
International locations
As it is just a start to our business, we haven’t opted for international delivery yet, still we can make the delivery if there is a special demand of any customer.
Time duration
Usually it takes 2-5 for delivery all around India, yet if there is any kind of delay in delivery then it will be informed to you through text messages. If delivery is not available at your locations, we try to send it through other shipping sources to complete your wish. And if the city you are residing in is a little less known, it may take 7 days for delivery too. Make sure you keep in mind a delivery time of 2-7 days.
Once your shipment is sent, you can track your order at our website, which would be available at my account’s my orders section. There you can gain access to all your orders and their shipment details.
Dispatching the order
Dispatching process usually takes 2-7 days only and it includes arranging the product that you have ordered, sending the product for quality test so that you don’t receive any defected product packing the product in a firm manner, sending the product to shipment company, Then shipment company send it to their nearest hub to your city and then one of the their person hand over you the product. A regular contact is made by us to our customers giving details about the shipment.
If you have shopped under a value of Rs. 500 then you need to pay Rs.50 extra as delivery charges. However there are certain items that come under no delivery charges section. So you can avail the free delivery of certain items.
Bulk deliveries
If you are ordering anything in a bulk amount like 25-30 quantities, then it may take more time to ship than the normal shipments, because to ship such items courier company require a waybill no. and many other documents which may require sometime also such shipments may be stopped by Government officials and it will require some actions from our sides as well as your sides to release the shipment.